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My name is Nila Sweeney, creator and managing editor of Property Market Insider. I’ve been teaching tens of thousands of people how to break into the property market and build their wealth for over ten years. I'm an active property investor and I hold a high-performing portfolio here and overseas.

Through my work as the former managing editor of Your Investment Property Magazine, Your Mortgage Magazine and Website and Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, I’ve taught everyone from aspiring home buyers to seasoned investors on how to successfully navigate the real estate markets and get the results they desire.

My goal is now to give you solid, unbiased information and tips about the property market to help you succeed as a property investor. If you’re looking to buy your first home, I will show you easy-to-understand ways on how to break into the market confidently.

Because let’s face it. There's so much bad advice and misinformation out there about real estate investing and home buying. I’ve read enough junk, generic and rehashed tips and advice to last me a lifetime.

Bottom line is… You need reliable, unbiased information. And that’s what I aim to give you here at Property Market Insider.

For now, you can access this information for free. But I cannot guarantee how long I’ll keep it that way.

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