Capital growth vs cash flow: Which is the right strategy?

The current stage of the property cycle offers a lot of opportunities, but only if you have the right strategy. So which one would benefit you the most?

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Australian Property Market 2016 Mid-Year Forecast: Darwin

The large decline in Darwin's property prices looks set to continue, but there are reasons to be optimistic about the property market's medium to long term prospects.

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Australian Property Market 2016 Mid-Year Forecast: Canberra

Canberra's property market looks set to continue growing thanks to lower interest rates and rising confidence. While most experts are upbeat about the capital city's growth prospects, they wa

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Australian Property Market 2016 Mid-Year Forecast: Tasmania

Hobart's property market continues to perform strongly, behind Sydney and Melbourne. While experts expect to see further growth in the near to medium term, there are challenges to be aware of

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Australian Property Market 2016 Mid-Year Forecast: Western Australia

Despite the current gloomy state of the Western Australia's property market, there are reasons to remain optimistic about its prospects.

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Who should sell your property? Top tips for choosing the right real estate agent

Getting top price for your property when you sell starts with picking the right agent to help you. Property professor and author Peter Koulizos reveals his top tips for choosing the best pers

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Micro vs Macro vs Big Data: Which is best at predicting future capital growth?

When researching the property market, are you better off looking at micro-indicators or taking a big picture approach? Can you rely on big data to gauge an area's potential?

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Research strategy: How long should you look for a property?

While doing extensive research helps ensure that you understand the market you’re buying into, it can also lead to analysis paralysis and missed opportunities. So, what’s the research sweet s

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Which amenities are overrated (and underrated) drivers of capital growth?

Amenities may have been touted to drive capital growth in a particular area, but not all amenities will lift values. So, which ones should you be focusing on when doing your research?

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