Capital growth vs cash flow: Which is the right strategy?

The current stage of the property cycle offers a lot of opportunities, but only if you have the right strategy. So which one would benefit you the most?

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Is this the Holy Grail for finding high growth investment properties?

If you're looking for a high-performing investment property, you need to look beyond its location.

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8 ways to quickly rent out your vacant investment property

With vacancies rising across Australia, you're likely to deal with a vacant investment property sooner than later. Here's what to do to rent it out quickly

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Who should sell your property? Top tips for choosing the right real estate agent

Getting top price for your property when you sell starts with picking the right agent to help you. Property professor and author Peter Koulizos reveals his top tips for choosing the best pers

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Investing in property as a baby boomer? No, it’s NOT too late to get started.

Think it's too late to get into the property market when you're over 50? No, it's never too late to start investing. It's more challenging, but you can still succeed if you follow the rules.

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9 ways to avoid losing money on your investment property

Your goal as an investor is to make money, not to lose it. So how you can avoid losing your hard earned cash?

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Property values rise amid falling sales and listing

Property values in Australia's major markets continued to rise despite rising housing supply and falling transaction. Which markets outperformed?

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Micro vs Macro vs Big Data: Which is best at predicting future capital growth?

When researching the property market, are you better off looking at micro-indicators or taking a big picture approach? Can you rely on big data to gauge an area's potential?

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Research strategy: Insider's guide for finding the next growth suburbs Part 2

Timing the market means investing in suburbs before they surge in value. But how do you narrow your research to find these growth areas?

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