From bust to boom: US housing markets hit new peak since the 2007 bubble

After the catastrophic crash that started in 2008, America's home prices have bounced back, and even surpassed the previous peak, igniting bubble fears.

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For those who are tired of avocado talk...Here's a better topic to discuss

Tired of reading rants about giving up your avocado and toast if you want to buy a home? Good. Let's focus on something more important.

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Negative gearing changes that could squeeze your profits

If you own an investment property, you have a lot at stake if the negative gearing changes become actual laws. Make sure you understand the details.

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Want to succeed as a property investor? Think like a photographer

What can landscape photographers teach a property investor about building a high-performing property portfolio? Apparently quite a bit.

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Are you making these seriously fatal property investment mistakes?

You may not even be aware of it, but you could be putting your financial future in jeopardy by making these deadly property investment mistakes.

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Group buying: What you need to know before jumping in

At a time when property prices are soaring through the roof, any chance of getting a discount is exceedingly tempting to buyers. Group buying also known as bulk buying promises to save you te

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What’s next for the ‘ridiculously’ hot Australian property markets?

While it’s hardly a surprise to see continuing property price increase given investors’ exuberance, the magnitude of the broad price growth were unexpected. Experts warn a number of factors a

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4 deadly research mistakes to avoid at all costs

Research can make or break your property investment. Do it right and you’ll avoid buying a lemon. Do it wrong and you’ll end up losing a lot of money.

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4 reasons why investing with others is a risky strategy

There’s no doubt that co-investing with other people could help you fast-track your property portfolio. But there are hidden traps you need to be aware of.

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Forecast 2017: What's next for Australia's property markets?

Which property markets are likely to outperform and which ones are set to fall behind?

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