9 ways to avoid losing money on your investment property

Your goal as an investor is to make money, not to lose it. So how you can avoid losing your hard earned cash?

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Property values rise amid falling sales and listing

Property values in Australia's major markets continued to rise despite rising housing supply and falling transaction. Which markets outperformed?

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Micro vs Macro vs Big Data: Which is best at predicting future capital growth?

When researching the property market, are you better off looking at micro-indicators or taking a big picture approach? Can you rely on big data to gauge an area's potential?

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Perth: Buying opportunity or money down the drain?

The consistently weak data makes for scary reading for investors in Perth. Some experts say now is a good time to start looking for opportunities before the market starts to turn, but is it t

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Research strategy: Insider's guide for finding the next growth suburbs Part 2

Timing the market means investing in suburbs before they surge in value. But how do you narrow your research to find these growth areas?

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Research strategy: Insider's guide for finding the next growth suburbs Part 1

As we enter the next phase of the property cycle, you might be wondering which city is next to boom. Will the Sydney and Melbourne booms stretch? Will Adelaide take over? Will Brisbane finall

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  • Apr 17, 2018

Top buyer’s agents reveal their secret sauce for negotiating a great deal

If you make money when you buy, it goes without saying that negotiating a good deal is crucial for your success as an investor. But how do you get the upper hand? Leading buyer’s agents share

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Research strategy: How long should you look for a property?

While doing extensive research helps ensure that you understand the market you’re buying into, it can also lead to analysis paralysis and missed opportunities. So, what’s the research sweet s

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Which amenities are overrated (and underrated) drivers of capital growth?

Amenities may have been touted to drive capital growth in a particular area, but not all amenities will lift values. So, which ones should you be focusing on when doing your research?

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Your Burning Tax Questions Answered

Got any burning questions about your home or investment property? Our tax experts are on hand to respond to your property tax queries.

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