Australian Property Market 2016 Mid-Year Forecast: Western Australia

Despite the current gloomy state of the Western Australia's property market, there are reasons to remain optimistic about its prospects.

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Property values rise amid falling sales and listing

Property values in Australia's major markets continued to rise despite rising housing supply and falling transaction. Which markets outperformed?

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Perth: Buying opportunity or money down the drain?

The consistently weak data makes for scary reading for investors in Perth. Some experts say now is a good time to start looking for opportunities before the market starts to turn, but is it t

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What’s next for the ‘ridiculously’ hot Australian property markets?

While it’s hardly a surprise to see continuing property price increase given investors’ exuberance, the magnitude of the broad price growth were unexpected. Experts warn a number of factors a

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Forecast 2017: What's next for Australia's property markets?

Which property markets are likely to outperform and which ones are set to fall behind?

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What's really driving Australia's property markets? Hint: It's not what you think

Supply and demand aren't the only things driving Australia's real estate markets. There's a more powerful, subtle force at play according to an expert.

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Australian Property Market 2016 Mid-Year Forecast: South Australia

South Australia's property market recorded modest growth over the past 12 months. However, the weak economy and oversupply continue to cast a dark shadow on the market's outlook.

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